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Whatever your reasons for choosing counselling, talking about things with someone who is outside of your day-to-day life can really make a difference. Counselling is a chance for two people to work together to see what is behind distressing feelings such as anxiety or depression, a process which can ease these emotions, and make life seem more manageable.

Sometimes, distressing emotions are caused by life events, such as trauma or bereavement; other times the source of distress is less obvious. Whatever the cause, being alone with these feelings is tough, whereas sharing them with another person - though daunting - can be a relief and can help to change them.

If you are new to counselling, then chances are you will be met by a baffling array of terminology describing different practitioners’ approaches and training. Despite these differences, I feel that the most important factor in choosing a counsellor is whether you trust that person and feel that you can develop a good working relationship. I am happy to talk you through my understanding of these different approaches, including of course my own background which is in emotion-focused therapy. 

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